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The World’s
Largest Gathering
of Futurists

The Dubai Future Forum is an annual event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation at the iconic Museum of the Future that brings together futurists, foresight practitioners, thought leaders, and experts from academia and various industries as well as government to anticipate challenges, imagine opportunities, share foresight, and shape the future. The 2022 inaugural event brought together over 1000 such individuals and close to 50 foresight groups and organizations around four key themes: the Future of our World; Mitigating Existential Risk through Foresight; Value and Humanity; and Hedging our Bets through Foresight.

In 2023, the Dubai Future Forum will once again seek to provide an international platform for futurists and thought leaders, from diverse sectors, to discuss insights and experiences, inspire and challenge one another, and build a long-lasting community by engaging on tomorrow’s most pressing issues; thus cementing Dubai’s position as a rising global hub for futures leadership and action.

2022 Highlights

Welcome to 2071!

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

Day 1 of Dubai Future Forum 2022

Why Must Foresight Evolve?

Will Borders Be Relevant In The Future?

Is This The Demise Of Law As We Know It?

Why Should We Focus On The Future? - Dubai Future Forum 2022

Day 2 of Dubai Future Forum 2022

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