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Dubai Future COuncilsForeseeing Dubai’s Future

The Dubai Future Councils are tasked with forecasting the future of vital sectors in Dubai. The Councils aim to find solutions to various challenges, launch initiatives, and national strategies to create future and current opportunities.

Dubai Future Councils are powered by a diverse network of experts exchanging multi-disciplinary knowledge using collaborative approaches.

The Dubai Future Councils initiative is a leading global network that serves Dubai as an international city, and enhances potential of success, distinction and accomplishment, as well as cements our abilities and supports our efforts to serve Dubai citizens and residents, which will allow us to pioneer in planning the future of key sectors, and create new sectors that boost our leadership.

H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumCrown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Dubai Future Foundation

Through its thirteen Councils, The Dubai Future Councils holds regular meetings to explore the future of key sectors in Dubai. The meetings bring together directors of government entities with specialists and experts offering vast experience in mapping the future.

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Dubai Future Council on Artificial Intelligence

Investigating the future of AI with a particular focus on governance and legislation to transform Dubai into a testing ground for innovation.

Clean Energy - Wind Turbines

Dubai Future Council on Energy

Exploring the future of energy, and identifying opportunities to transform Dubai into a sustainable ecosystem powered by clean energy.

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Dubai Future Council on Transportation

Imagining the future of transport, with a focus on smart transportation and self-driving mobility solutions, along with the requisite infrastructure and legislation.

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Dubai Future Council on Talent

Understanding the skills required to excel in Industry 4.0, and the mechanisms and environments needed to develop these skills.

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Dubai Future Council on Blockchain

Exploring the future of digital transactions through the blockchain distributed ledger technology, with a focus on practical use cases that solve strategic challenges.

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Dubai Future Council on Future Cities

Focusing on the governance, policies, legislation and management required to enable future cities, and Dubai’s transition to becoming one.

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Dubai Future Council on Education

Exploring the future of education with a view to developing a future-ready generation with the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing global environment.

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Dubai Future Council on Media

Understanding the evolving role of conventional and non-traditional media as the world undergoes a transition to Industry 4.0, with corresponding changes in social, political and financial systems.

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Dubai Future Council on Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystems

Sparking the future of entrepreneurship, and igniting policy changes to create an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and encourages innovation.

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Dubai Future Council on Logistics Service

Charting the future of Dubai as a global logistics centre, and exploring how technological innovation can serve the sector.

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Dubai Future Council on Community Security

Re-conceptualising what community safety means in a hyper-connected evolving world, and exploring the impact of technology on policework, law and order.

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Dubai Future Council on Humanitarian Aid

Understanding the future of humanitarian services and reformulating the role of aid, civil society and charities to build resilient and sustainable global communities.

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Dubai Future Council on Health & Wellbeing

Exploring the future of health, longevity and quality of life. Focusing on the role of future technologies in improving life quality and healthcare.