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In the year 2071, the UAE will be celebrating a full century of innovation. AREA 2071 is a physical manifestation of this drive to make Dubai the world’s leading city in terms of innovation, and ideas with positive global impact.

Co-creating the future

AREA 2071 is a co-creation space that brings together the world’s brightest minds –
and offers the physical areas, labs, meeting spaces and infrastructure to bring to life the next wave of transformative ideas.

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    Flexible office and meeting space

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    An enriching ecosystem

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    State of the art facilities

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    Startup business licenses

Our Communities

AREA 2071 caters for three distinct audiences that move, engage and interact fluidly to spark
new interactions and give birth to new ideas.

Area 2071 venue


The innovators, entrepreneur and experimenters who gather here to create and collaborate. At AREA 2071, they are in physical proximity to an ecosystem of labs, incubators, public sector and enterprise partners, and the resources they need to scale and succeed.

Area 2071 venue


The network of public sector entities, private sector enterprises and civil society organisations that want to partner with innovation-driven startups, academics and researchers to explore new ideas and trial technology-led initiatives.

Area 2071 Meeting Space


Many AREA 2071 initiatives and spaces are open to the wider community. Here is where people gather to learn, share, socialise and co-create. AREA 2071 is the venue for a rich schedule of events, workshops, intimate talks and immersive conversations that nurture the mind and fire up the imagination.