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Message from our CEO

The world today as we see it is witnessing rapid changes across all sectors and industries, the future can be (lived/ foreseen) right here in our present. With the legacy of our forefathers, and in line with the vision of our leadership, Dubai has long realized the significance of keeping pace with future technology and making the best of innovation to shape a better future.

And this is the core of what Dubai Future Foundation represents; the tangible outcome of this vision to define the future in the present.

With this mandate, the Foundation has within a short period of time created world-class innovation platforms for ideas to take shape, established strategic partnerships both locally and globally and has managed to foster an environment that encourages and recognizes creative minds from around the globe.

Guided by a strategic roadmap, and through collectively imagining, inspiring and designing Dubai’s future, the Foundation, in collaboration with the government and private entities, seeks to position Dubai as leading city of the future.

With a focus on four Strategic Business Units, including imagining and understanding the future, disseminating future knowledge, building future capacity, designing, and accelerating the future, Dubai Future Foundation continuously works towards achieving its vision and goals of placing Dubai and the UAE as the world’s platform of future knowledge and hub of innovation.

Khalfan Belhoul
Chief Executive Officer

AR Machine

Where unique stories converge

At the Dubai Future Foundation, all our people bring with them their own unique stories – of success, perseverance and creativity. Our people are drawn from multiple disciplines, and from all over the world. With them, they bring the individuality of their stories and the distinctiveness of their perspectives — which all come together to create an impact.

H.H Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Learn about our history and our leadership

The Foundation thrives under the guidance of leadership that champions its cause of future-readiness, supports employees in going the extra mile, and creates an ecosystem that encourages taking risks and bringing innovative ideas to life.