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Designing robots to advance your life


Dubai Future Labs is an applied research lab focusing on R&D in the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The lab develops robotic systems and autonomous solutions that target identified gaps in key economic sectors. We address global challenges with commercially viable solutions, services and systems.


A Leading world-class Robotics and Artificial Intelligence lab providing innovative solutions, services and systems that tackle industrial and societal challenges, enhance the quality of life and position Dubai as a global research, development and innovation hub.


Developing innovative, advanced and customized robotics and AI R&D solutions that bridge market gaps, boost key sector’s performance, and create a global impact to ensure Dubai’s readiness for the future.


To become the core engine of Dubai’s innovation system.
To bridge the gap between industry and academia by focusing on applied research.
To identify local and global gaps in key sectors and develop commercially viable and in-house technological solutions, systems and services.
  • To attract and retain professional talent and embed them as part of the development team.
  • To identify young professionals with great potential and provide them with training, scholarships, and internship opportunities in order to acquire the practical skills needed for the relevant job market.
To actively peruse collaborations with local and global universities, research institutes and the private sector on RDI projects.