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Hamdan bin Mohammed Launches Third Phase of

First presented in 2017, this initiative is designed to drive the Dubai government’s progress and increase its efficiency tenfold via collaborative and future-facing projects. The ultimate goal is to put Dubai 10 years ahead of other global cities. So far, this endeavour has led to 42 innovative projects. The third phase of the initiative aims to enhance work approach to significantly transform the mindsets of Dubai government workforce.

Dubai 10X 3.0 Objectives

One vital project …
One government official …
A joint team among all entities …

Launch a pivotal project to be carried out by a cross-entity team with the aim of improving the lives of individuals in Dubai.

Facilitate a radical shift to completely new operational models in anticipation of the future.

Encourage government entities to adopt an innovative mindset that fosters a culture of change and future-oriented thinking.

Update traditional policies to stay in step with the fast-paced progression of government services.

Foster cooperation among government entities across all sectors that influence quality of life, such as economy, health, education, sustainability, security, and tourism.

Previous Dubai 10X Milestones


participants from
government entities



More than


work hours

42 innovative projects include

‘Rahhal’ educational

‘Police Without

‘Digital DEWA’

‘Dubai Blink’ for
Dubai Airport
Freezone procedures

‘Now’ initiative
for traditional dhows

‘Dubai REST’
for real estates