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Hamdan bin Mohammed

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The Centre aims to make Dubai and its government the global leaders in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), preparing for the world’s evolving technology landscape

Strategic Goals

Support Dubai’s vision to be among the world’s most future-ready cities by adopting cutting-edge technologies and employing artificial intelligence

Present a successful and exceptional model for utilising artificial intelligence in the development of government work

Centre’s Main Pillars


Establishing laws,
policies, and legislation


Promoting awareness
and gaining experience


Adopting advanced technologies and fostering innovation

Targeted Outputs
    • Organizing a specialised AI team in each government entity
    • Implementing practical AI solutions in government within a month of launching the centre
    • Testing and evaluating AI usage in government entities
    • Enhancing government services
    • Training 1,000 Dubai government employees in the use of artificial intelligence
    • Launching 20 pilot projects
    • Establishing 20 effective partnerships with emerging companies
    • Increasing the productivity of government employees by 20%


    The Future of Generative AI in Government Services

    The Future of Generative AI in Media and Communication Program

    If you have any inquiries, email us at [email protected]