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Youmna El Sayed


Whenever Youmna El Sayed holds her phone, she has
ideas about the many mobile applications that she intends
to implement.

She consistently reminds herself that the only thing stopping her is more practice in the field.

She has a degree in computer engineering, not far from the world of coding, and already understands that lines of code are in fact a live interpretation of vivid dreams.

One day in 2018, before she shut down her computer screen after a long day of distance education, her attention was drawn to a video of a young man sharing his success story after learning to code.

That day, she was influenced by the story because of the young man’s persistence, despite his seemingly impossible circumstances.

From that moment, Youmna knew One Million Arab Coders was “the gate of dreams.”

She pursued the course on Android applications, which she had intended to master without actually knowing where to start.

“The lesson made a paradigm shift in the order of my ideas. Or, more precisely, the paradigm shift was in applying a set of ideas I had, and the lively discussion in the forum between students and trainers. It was the torch that lit the way for us”.

Youmna looks at the past months with satisfaction and achievement after she developed three applications to resolve daily problems that face many individuals in society.

The “Youmna” application offers coding workshops for children, inspired by One Million Arab Coders. “The helping hand reached me and thousands of people around me. I am truly touched by the positive changes in the lives of each and every one of us”.