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Mohamed Toumy


“I couldn’t imagine even one dream outside coding.”

On the streets of Manchester, Mohamed Toumy searches for himself in the history of a country that he does not belong to. Despite being born in the UK, his soul is passionately attached to Tripoli and everything he has heard about it – all the stories and history he has collected about its people, streets and details.

His love for Libya dominates his thoughts and conversations.

He has mastered the Arabic language despite being gone from Libya since birth. On social media, he carries the Arabic flag in plain view of his tens of thousands of followers.

In one of his videos, Mohamed boldly talks about how disappointed he was after working for one year in the field of law. It just wasn’t right for him. He didn’t find his passion amongst law books.

Mohamed – who is always searching for news from the Arab world – found out about the One Million Arab Coders initiative through one of his friends.

One of his friends had taken some courses and advised him to register.

He says: “I thought of many young Arabs who haven’t been able to get degrees and have very few opportunities. I decided to discover more about this initiative, especially since it is free, and advise them to register in hopes of finding a dream job”.

In just a few months, Mohamed has had his life change after taking the Data Analysis course and earning a nano-degree. He is now employed at a major technology company and has become a knowledge resource for his friends and colleagues in the coding field. “I always took pride in being an Arab. But this initiative that has changed my life and the lives of thousands of Arabs who wrote to me daily, has helped me connect to my roots, language and identity”.