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Mohamed Abdel Sattar Ahmed


“In a world governed by technology, we have but two options: either to participate or to stand on the sidelines! There simply is no third option”, says Mohamed Abdel Sattar Ahmed with firmness and clarity.

As a young man in his early 20s, Mohamed saw all sectors of the world transform around him. Since his first steps into the world of technology, he has not only felt complete belonging, but has also made a pledge to contribute everything he knows about the digital world to those around him. In his opinion, that’s where the real success lies.

Mohamed’s passion for technology started in his early school years. From there, he kept up to date with its developments and dove into the world of software, artificial intelligence, fintech and all of it.

This passion followed him to university where one colleague noticed his great interest in technology and advised him to join the One Million Arab Coders initiative.

“When I heard that it is an organized course – starting from scratch – and offers certificates and so on, I registered immediately then and there. I said to him “Look, I will register right now”.

Mohamed’s name has shone through among his colleagues in the initiative, especially in the forum where discussions parallel the virtual lessons, he surpassed completing the course certificate; he is among the few students who qualified for the nano-degree scholarship.

“The best thing about this scholarship is that it prepares you for the professional market, as you enter the initiative with an idea and graduate having the skills, experience and support you need. This is no small thing”, he says firmly.

He goes on to insist that age has nothing to do with success, and that he is still in his 20s.

Everything he has achieved so far is considered a victory toward his goals, which is to help people and small businesses use digital technology. A greater marker of success is seeing his name under an app or platform that has shed light on an institution or project and allowed it to grow. Of all the programs he has developed so far, the closest ones to Mohamed’s heart are those that impact people around him, the grocery applications, created for his neighbours; the e-published novels for emerging writers. He gladly expresses, “When I see someone very happy with the results we have achieved, I feel that coding is magic not just numbers!”