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Mahmoud Jamil Al Sabbah


“It’s a first come, first served world”, declares Mahmoud as his motto and the wisdom upon which he builds the foundations of his and his peers’ lives of permanent struggles with fate and circumstance in their beloved Gaza. He says: “Each day we are alive is an achievement and a success story, so how about we dream and implement?”

Guided by his motto, Mahmoud finished school and entered university to specialize in computer science. Because he knows well that he can only come first with constant personal effort, he missed no opportunities to support his professional ambitions.

He says: “I was reading everything I could find: a piece of paper or catalog until I came across the initiative… and the dream we had all been searching for was fulfilled”. The One Million Arab Coders initiative was “the dream” for Mahmoud and a group of his Gazan colleagues who have also engraved their names among the success stories of the initiative.          This initiative “gave us two wings to fly with” he says.

In addition to the parallel experience of university, as well as the certified degree and the community of students and trainers of various Arab nationalities scattered around the world, the initiative gave Mahmoud and his colleagues motivation to prove their worth to the world. Mahmoud is proud of his CV which has grown fast. Soon after, he began working as an Android developer in a local company, he proved his competence and became responsible for the whole department, in addition to the side projects that he carries out remotely: “You can say that I have visited every Arab country from right here!”