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Ream Yehya Moustapha

Saudi Arabia

On her graduation day, Ream Yehya Moustapha tossed her graduation hat to the echoes of applause for the honor degree she had just received. She returned home ranked third in her class and her hope was to get a job that would match her boundless ambitions.

But the labour market was looking for specific skills and scrutinizing the side of experience in CVs. Ream didn’t wait for long and decided to fill her free time with additional courses that would open closed doors.

One day, after many hours of online learning, she laid in front of the chatter from the TV scrolling through her phone. Her attention was sparked when the One Million Arab Coders report caught her ear.

She jumped up quickly and got in front of her computer screen with morning-like energy even though the clock was pointing to a time late at night.

Ream had almost completed the Data Analysis course, which would open horizons suitable for her dreams, when she was offered a job at a company in Riyadh as their Business Intelligence coder.

Her passion in this field has not stopped her from pursuing learning and courses and updating her CV every two or three days.

About nine months later, Ream received an email message, which she could hardly believe. It was addressed to her and entitled “Job offer in Saudi Ministry of Health”. Ream speaks with promising confidence about her life before and after One Million Arab Coders, and how the initiative has changed her. She still dreams of becoming a data scientist one day.