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Khaled AbdelHameed


At the age of 16, Khaled AbdelHameed became a celebrity in his family, school and the area where he lived. He became famous not as a singer or actor but rather a brilliant coder who represents his school and country in many competitions – winning first prizes.

Passionate about computer games and technology, Khaled discovered the world of coding in his early teenage years. After registering for the One Million Arab Coders initiative, he developed his skills and devoted himself to programs that are now the talk of his family and have gained the attention of classmates and teachers.

“Khaled, what did you invent during your vacation? This question is asked every time I go back to class”. Khaled Abdel Hameed has become the most prominent name to represent his school in any Hackathon and he is the first person people go to with their questions about coding.

Nearly two years later, Khaled has unveiled his project that combines his two passions: coding and Egypt. His website to promote tourism in Egypt made newspaper headlines after winning first place in a competition held in Menoufia Governorate. Khaled, who is looking to develop programs and websites for the local and Arab regions, insists that coding is more than a skill or even a profession. Rather, it is a series of accumulated experiences, regardless of age, and has become his personal motivation to overcome the daily obstacles that life throws his way.