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Hasan Hussein Hadi


Among these stairs lies Hasan Hussein Hadi’s life story. For years, he has been taking these stairs to his classes as a teacher of Islamic Education. He always invites his students to sit in front of him to tell them the Prophet’s Hadiths and teach them the Quranic verses which “flow through his veins”, as he said.

Hasan has devoted more than 20 years of his life teaching Yemeni students and supporting them to walk in the ways of Allah. He was always an avid researcher finding new ways to stimulate and inspire the new generation and bringing the Holy Quran closer to the students’ hearts and minds.

One day, while sitting on these stairs waiting for his class to start, Hasan accidently, or perhaps it was fate that led him to read about a mobile application that had been approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The application’s goal was to easily present and explain the Quranic verses to students. It was at this moment that he found his way.

Within three months, Hasan completed the course on Android mobile applications with the One Million Arab Coders initiative. Then, he spent day and night developing a unique application before the start of the new school year.

The school principal proudly said: “Be proud of your teacher, Mr. Hasan Hadi; as the Ministry of Higher Education decided to approve his application to teach Quran in Yemeni Curricula to be adopted across all public schools!” Hasan received a warm applause from students and colleagues on the stairs of the school where he has devoted his life to educating students.”