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Hassiba Mouncet


For more than 20 years, Hassiba Mouncet has faced the world in complete darkness, nonetheless, managed to celebrate dozens of personal victories. She was three years old when her eyes assigned the task of sight to the other senses; a little to hearing, a little to touch, and the rest to an open heart that loves life so much.

Today, Hassiba is well aware that miracles don’t always happen by solving or eliminating problems, but rather accepting and in a sense shaking hands with them. From a young age, Hassiba’s parents doted on their only daughter. They painted for her a world full of colors, hope and dreams, so she became addicted to positivity and overcoming obstacles.

Hassiba’s story is a vivid example of the power of decision in the face of fate. She has a master’s degree in linguistics, sings and plays the Oud, and likes to escape by listening to audiobooks, which is how she learned English. However, life wasn’t always so good for Hassiba. Despite her degree, she faced unemployment and there were few opportunities available for people with special needs in her field.

Hassiba says: “The first time I felt like I was an integral part of society and all my psychological, social and academic efforts are paying off was in 2018 – the day I registered in the One Million Arab Coders initiative and obtained certificates in four courses as well as a nano-degree certificate.” In search for work, Hassiba’s story started with coding. But the results of her education go beyond work. It is a technical tool that helps facilitate her daily life. Today, Hassiba has an even brighter and more promising future.