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Mohamed Ode


Mohamed Ode talks about a freedom he once thought was exclusively found in literature or confined to one’s imagination, about ideas that climb up and fly over high walls, and about chasing unobstructed dreams that know no bounds.

Mohamed, now in his early 20s, was born in the West Bank only hearing about a vast world that will remain unknown to him until he decides one day to break into it himself.

After graduating from school, Mohamed decided to specialize in computer programming. He has always been captivated by the world of technology, as there are no walls, no discrimination and no boundaries! He says: “For many people, technology may be just an economic sector that has some social repercussions. But for me and many others, coding is the rare basis of freedom that we struggle for on a daily basis”.

He knows too well that the opportunities of tomorrow do not sit idly, waiting to be picked up by a passerby, and that need to be chased and caught, like a race to win over these perpetual daily challenges. The latest news in technology and advancement was to be his. “Almost no platform passes in the Arab world without me knowing about it,” he says. “Even my friends know well to ask for my advice and opinions before they register in any online course”.

“For me, the One Million Arab Coders initiative was a dream come true, pure and simple. Today, without it, I wouldn’t have had the job that I dreamed of. I don’t feel a sense of inadequacy or inexperience. Without the initiative, I wouldn’t be able to take on freelance work either. It all equates to more than five years of training, experience, professional and social support, all acquired in a few months”. Beyond his pursuit for a university degree, Mohamed is grateful to the initiative for his advancement and continued progress in the programming world and sees it as his personal supporter and the essential supporter of hundreds like him.