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Amine Bou Diak


In a single day, Amine Bou Diak opened a window to a new hope.

For the first time in a long time, Amine started to see bridges instead of walls.

“Bridges” that he would build. Bridges that would lead him to a future that was more than scribbles on paper. Bridges he would build for his peers to cross from the West Bank –his birthplace– to the world.

Just two months after his 19th birthday, Amine heard about the One Million Arab Coders initiative, saw an advertisement that said “register now” and so he did.

Amine became a coder. In less than three months, he began building “Bridges”, a platform committed to helping students in the West Bank cross into modern education and the finest international educational curricula. Today, people are reading about “Bridges” in local, Arabic and international newspapers. Thanks to Anime, people are learning about the most important achievements of Arab youth through regional lectures, websites, and distance education conferences.