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Ameera Habshi


A blooming spring day sees Ameera Habshi in her forties speaking of redefining herself. About two years ago, she remembers following her dreams and succeeding at transforming educational programs into high level interactive applications.

Today, a smile of victory appears on Ameera’s face, and the sparkle in her eyes tells a thousand stories as she talks about books that carry her name, sold on Amazon.

“Sometimes, we just need someone to show us the way. Achievement is the result of persistence and determination. In a TV interview, I heard about an initiative aimed at qualifying One Million Arab Coders. I searched for it out of curiosity but never believed I’d pursue it.”

That undeniable curiosity led Ameera to finish four courses with excellence, and to completely change her way of thinking.

Today, she is running her own business. She prepares educational courses, divides them into lessons according to the needs of individuals and publishes them on the internet. Ameera displays her four coding certificates on her desk and talks with great pride about how this experience has reshaped her self-image.