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Ahmed Madgy


“Magician coder” is the dearest title close to Ahmed Madgy’s heart, especially when it is said by the children in his family whom he expresses his love for by digital applications on special occasions and birthdays.

Since Ahmed completed the Android applications course on the One Million Arab Coders platform, the title of coder has been added to his title of engineering.

Ahmed expresses himself through code. It is the language through which he discovered his ability to communicate with the world, with machines and with his dreams.

Ahmed has developed many applications to date, revolving around family and children who are his absolute priority in life. Coding has become his right hand, and applications are the magic lantern with which he solves any problem and fulfills his dreams. His very first application was a gift to his wife on her birthday, and because she loved it so much, Ahmed volunteered his skills to help his friends surprise their wives or solve their professional problems. Ahmed uses coding to respond to problems happening around him. In order to solve the problem of children’s long and debilitating trips to and from their school in unsafe and expensive buses, “Abonne” has been transformed from a mere phone application, which Ahmed is developing, to a project that has attracted the interest of the wider Egyptian community and allowed him to enter programming competitions and challenges.