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Basila Al Mahli


Basila Al Mahli’s climb to success was anything but quick.

Basila, who lives today with her family in Khartoum, holds a previous degree in software engineering and because she understands the saying “once a coder, always a coder,” she is constantly developing her skills and expanding her specializations.

She was a student in the One Million Arab Coders initiative. After graduation, she received a nano-degree scholarship to become a trainer in the Android applications course and received a $25,000 prize for winning the digital challenge competition for trainers.

Today, her career is focused on her private work and lifelong dream: an application called “Alaaldin” which she built on a foundation of persistence and learning. Lifelong learning is why she decided to register with the one million Arab coders initiative – a platform that has been a welcome surprise, she says.

The initiative provides so much new information, even for those with university degrees in information technology. Basila says: “the courses are a world in and of themselves”.

The world of mobile applications was the main attraction for her. When she chose her specialization more than 15 years ago, application development was just the beginning.

In the One Million Arab Coders community of trainers, graduates and colleagues, she has been able to find
herself a big family that shares her aspirations and ambitions, supporting her and walking with her on the path to her dreams.

Basila cannot put a label on her success story.  All the chapters of her story have had a big impact on her life. But undoubtedly, her project “Alaaldin”, a marketing platform for small home projects, provides her with the opportunity to reach a large number of customers on the internet, taking up the greatest space in her mind and heart. This project, with all of its drafts and plans filling the walls of her home, has taught her that opportunities don’t disappoint those who persistently pursue them.