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Abu Baker Nasr Fadol


“Sometimes our anxiety goes beyond our ages and capabilities”, Abu Baker Nasr Fadol begins his project’s story.

Abu Baker has long been obsessed with two major issues in his country of Sudan: The level of awareness of the medical community and ease of access to medical services.

“In my country, there are a large number of qualified doctors and people need them of course, but they need a link.” So Abu Baker decided to start “My Doctor”.

He did not think that the solution would be as simple as a platform that links both doctor and patient, but was proven wrong when his curiosity led him to the world of coding. 

“I got to know the initiative of One Million Arab Coders through a conversation I overheard between some colleagues. I approached them and asked about it, then decided to pursue it”.

After completing three courses in record time, an idea became clear to him. He worked on the design and infrastructure of a site, created a data analysis plan and prepared the mobile application himself.

Abu Baker did not expect that his platform would become the talk of everyone in Muliya, and the focus of attention of his teachers who are helping him to complete it.

Abu Baker spends more than 20 hours a day preparing to host lectures to explain the platform, meeting with doctors, and developing the “My Doctor” application. When someone asks him about the benefits of joining the initiative, Abu Baker says “who else would have provided me with all these services and support? I’ve been able to achieve my dreams for free.”