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Othman Abdel-Rahman

United Arab Emirates

At the age of forty-three, he felt that this is the right time to upskill and registered in one of the One Million Arab Coders initiative’s programming courses. Little did he know then that his certificate would turn the UAE government entity he works at into leaders in online services, get him a promotion at work, and an award during the One Million Arab Coders 2019 ceremony.

After completing the Data Analysis course, Othman received a call from the senior management to lead the e-services team in the Al Dhafra, which changed his professional and personal life entirely. He knew that day that obtaining this diploma prompted his new role as director of e-services and communication. His mandate was to enhance services and customer satisfaction indicators in coordination with the complaints department.

Othman’s task was not simple, but he applied more efficient methods to drive results. He dedicated countless hours to dive deep into the municipality’s data archives, cross-referenced and compared the outcomes with recent data trends to devise effective protocols. All information recorded over the years was at his disposal to analyse, and he made use of every piece of the puzzle. “The One Million Arab Coders initiative was my vehicle to success, but the journey is not over because once you taste success, you strive for more accomplishments.”