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Alaawafir Mohamed


In the chronic disease department of a hospital in Morocco, a young nurse named Alaawfir Mohammed has become well known for his dedication to the profession.

He makes news headlines as the owner of the most popular application circulated by the Moroccan Ministry of Health to most hospitals in the city of Salé.

This young man has loved technology since early adolescence and pursued its news in detail from inventions that changed the course of the world to websites and applications.

Alaawifr’s dream was to code but some obstacles got in the way, especially time and money.

Days after its launch, while browsing the web, he discovered the One Million Arab Coders initiative and decided to register right away.

Alaawfir needed only a few weeks to obtain his certificate in website development.

Despite the moments of pain and fatigue he shared with patients and nurses, Alaawfir insisted on investing all what he learned to help them with their struggles. Hence, he developed an application for his department to better manage the chronic diseases follow upsnot realizing that his success would spread to the rest of the hospital and beyond. His simple and easy application was adopted in the department of children’s vaccinations and then by the Ministry of Health for use in neighbouring hospitals. Alaawfir set off with a small dream that became a reality. Today, he believes that dreams don’t disappoint those who keep at them.