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Dubai showcases creative potential of generative AI in art during Dubai Assembly for Generative AI

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Dubai has painted a new picture of how humans and generative AI might interact in the future, offering a glimpse into the seemingly limitless creative potential of generative AI.

During a series of exhibitions and innovations showcased at the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) brought artists and technologists together to display groundbreaking pieces of artwork, novel musical performances, and trailblazing technologies.

The installations demonstrated how human creativity can by supercharged by generative AI with impressive results.

One of the key highlights was the Human x AI Music Show where musician and machine came together in a harmonious duet. An emirati pianist, 11 year old, performed live alongside advanced AI, producing melodies both familiar and otherworldly. As the notes flowed, real-time visual art was created, painting an unforgettable multisensory story.

Visitors also had the chance to discover their inner artist at an interactive station called Create Your Own AI-Generated Artwork. With guidance from DFF’s in-house generative AI maestro, Fabio Araujo De Oliveira, visitors crated their very own AI-powered masterpiece.

Another installation from DFF, AI Portait-ist​, invited visitors to step into an enchanting realm where art met technology, and where generative AI produced not just a portrait, but an interpretation of the subject.

Meanwhile, The Artist Within took visitors on a transformative journey where their artistic aspirations came alive. Regardless of their experience with the brush or pencil, this activation offered a unique space where AI assisted people in visualizing a world of their own design.

In addition to DFF’s installations, several partners showcased their own art activations. VoiceArt offered visitors the opportunity to bring their thoughts and ideas to life simply using their voice. This unique solution combines voice control technology with generative AI to transform spoken words and prompts into tangible, printable images.

Tashkeel, an incubator of visual art and design, hosted the ART x GenAI Exhibition, displaying impressive artworks generated by AI.

The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI takes place from 11-12 October at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071 in Emirates Towers. The assembly is organized by DFF in line with Dubai’s efforts to become a global hub for emerging technologies.

The assembly is hosting over 1,800 officials, experts, and decision-makers, including more than 70 speakers participating in around 45 sessions and 12 exhibitions. The platform focuses on 5 main themes, including Generative AI 101, Generative AI Sector Deep Dives, Governments, Regulators and Generative AI, Generative AI and Other Emerging Technologies, and Big Tech vs Emerging Startups.