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UAE Regulations LabA regulatory

UAE Regulations Lab, or RegLab, was created to spark new markets in the UAE by fast-tracking the adoption of emerging technology. It’s where regulators enable new business activity based on agile regulations. RegLab aligns the government with private sector intent to create regulatory frameworks that accelerate Industry 4.0.

Backed by law

RegLab collaborates to create new value propositions involving multiple stakeholders. Through pilot projects, it builds a case for changing and scaling regulations.

RegLab is the bridge between the innovation ecosystem of the Dubai Future Foundation, and the legislative capabilities of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs of the Future. Its ability to evolve legislation is backed by a law authorising the UAE Cabinet to grant licences for the testing and vetting of innovations utilising future technologies.

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    Launched in Jan 2019 in partnership with DFF

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    Collaborates with business leaders and tech innovators

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    Works closely with lawmakers from local and federal authorities to develop legislation governing technology

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    Incubates and creates new markets based on technology pilots

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    Supports the UAE’s role as a testbed for emerging technology

“Through use cases and pilots, RegLab allows regulations to be changed and scaled in order to provide better, faster, more high-quality services for the public.”

RegLab for multinationals

RegLab’s activities make the UAE a welcoming place to test new technologies. Here is the opportunity to apply cutting-edge methods in partnership with the government to the benefit of society


RegLab for startups

RegLab is an avenue for startups to gain public sector backing for a product or concept, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders on legislative frameworks that will help their tech applications succeed. Startups gain access to a safe testing ground, and benefit from government backing.