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Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) facilitates the dynamic collaboration between startups, private entities and government to work on prespecified challenges relevant to our future. DFA combines startups’ innovation and agility with the scale of forward-thinking public and private sector organisations. DFA positions Dubai as an attractive destination for startups and entrepreneurs, and as a citywide testbed for innovative technology.

Creating the extraordinary

Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) brings innovative startups and forward-thinking partners to explore future possibilities. It offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to work directly with the public and private sector, to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Why Apply

Become part of a vast network of startups from around the world that have ventured to Dubai to take on challenging problems and unique opportunities to make tangible impact.

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    Access officials from top-level government entities and private sector

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    Collaborate in solving exciting challenges by using cutting-edge technologies

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    Create a pilot project and test your technologies in a real-world setting

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    DFA is a 0% equity program

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    Find the support to scale faster in a potential market of 2 billion people


How it works

DFA offers a life-changing experience, starting with exploring a challenge and ending with a pilot. Here’s how it works:

  1. The Challenge

    Our government and private sector partners sets a bold challenge.

  2. The Application

    Startups and Scale ups apply with a solution.

  3. The Selection

    An evaluation process occurs to find the most innovative solutions.

  4. The Invitation

    You get invited to attend a cohort or programme.

  5. Hello Dubai

    Up to two members of your team get flown to Dubai for an in-house residency with flights and accommodations fully paid.

  6. The Discovery

    You meet, greet and brainstorm opportunities with your partner.

  7. The Collaboration

    You work closely with the partner on the agreed scope of the pilot to be pitched at the end of the cohort.

  8. The Pitch

    Your final solution proposal is pitched to the partner’s decision-makers.

  9. The Next Step

    The partner selects the best proposal and pilot to move forward with a commercial agreement to scale the solution.