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This course is an introduction to ethics specifically for future thinking and foresight, with some elements of governance, transparency, trust but also strategy, management and planning.

It will prepare participants to consider the ethical consequences of innovation and change, and provide them with a Know-How to prepare for anticipated shifts, and consider an ethical framework.

The aim of the course is to understand how to explore possible and plausible consequences in light of change. Reflecting current trends on values, societal development and external pressures.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the ethical risks 
  • To know basic future systems and outcomes
  • To learn how to apply ethics when developing foresight
  • To provide a knowledge base on ethics of foresight


  • Origins and development of ethics of foresight
  • Examples of ethics and foresight 
  • Innovation and change 
  • A consideration of ethical consequences
  • How to consider and ethical platform
  • Exercises and groupwork 

Target audience:

·  This course is intended for government employees from all sectors and all levels.

·   This course will help participants grasp the basic of ethics of foresight, leading to better and more informed decisions about the future  


·  No prior knowledge is needed

Courses are complimentary for all government employees.

Private sector and other applicants will be charged a fee of 1500Aed.

Please review Terms and Conditions