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Dubai Future Forum announces dates for 2023 edition

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Dubai Future Foundation announced the second edition of the Dubai Future Forum will take place on 27 and 28 November 2023 at The Museum of the Future, following the success of the inaugural forum earlier this month.

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, said: “The second edition of the Dubai Future Forum will include a broader participation of experts from the region and the world and will witness “ore comprehensive and diverse discussions, strengthening international partnerships and enhancing their positive impact.”

“The first edition of Dubai Future Forum provided a global platform in Dubai to anticipate the future and present the world with a vision of the real, digital, and virtual worlds could look like,” he added

Outstanding global interest

The first Dubai Future Forum took place on 11-12 October at the Museum of the Future, with the participation of more than 400 of the world’s most prominent futurists, and more than 45 international foresight institutions and organizations. Its agenda included 30 dialogue sessions and workshops, which hosted more than 70 speakers from the UAE and the world, attracting more than 1,000 participants.

The Dubai Future Forum covered many topics in the field of future foresight, such as the energy transition, the digital divide, the future of personal data, social challenges, the future of the space sector, digitalization, and the role of governments in developing mechanisms for future foresight. It also shed light on human inhabitation of planets, empowering future generations with tools for future foresight, the role of governments in regulating future trends and technology, future wealth, the role of the private sector in developing future legislation, the role of technology in healthcare, and strengthening the positive relationship between humans and technology.