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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Sarah DaVanzo

Pierre Fabre Foundation

Sarah Davanzo, a futurist with over two decades of expertise, has illuminated paths for Fortune 500 titans, governments, NGOs and billionaires helping them seize the future with accuracy, equity and maximum possibility. Her journey spans academia, consulting and building/leading the futures functions withing corporate giants of the Fortune 500. Presently she leads foresight for Pierre Fabre, the world’s preeminent Green Science pharmaceutical and Dermo-Cosmetics company. Prior to this, she steered foresight for the L’Oreal Groupe. Sarah’s approach to “tomorrowing” combines exotic data, quantitative foresight, mixed methods, and strategic imagination. She is a “superforecaster” with remarkable 70% accuracy. Sarah designed the methodologies that power Sparks & Honey (Omnicom’s trailblazing futures agency) while orchestrating more than a hundred futures assignments. Her foresight acumen as honed through rigorous education spanning ten different institutions where she absorbed a wide array of frameworks and approaches to futurism and foresight. Sarah writes on futures for Rolling Stone magazine. As the steward of the non-profit Curious Futures (, she champions Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Foresight, igniting change on a global scale. Sarah pushes the boundaries of foresight as a “futures activist” (, where she produces art, research and social experiments related to the future to build better futures. Her foresight has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Co., Wired, Time and featured on television and radio worldwide. She has graced the TEDx stage twice, holds three patents, and has a storied international career that has spanned 21 countries and circumnavigating the globe twice. Sarah counts herself among the distinguished members of the New York Academy of Sciences, Association of Professional Futurists, World Futures Studies Federation, World Future Society, Singularity University, and the alumni of Harvard Business School.

Sessions Featuring:

Sarah DaVanzo


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