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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Prof. Matthew Agarwala

Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Dr. Matthew Agarwala leads the Bennett Institute’s Wealth Economy project at the University of Cambridge, is a member of The Productivity Institute, and Senior Policy Fellow at Yale University’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy. His research covers economic growth, sustainability, natural and social capital, economic measurement, green finance, productivity, and wellbeing. Spanning sectors and disciplines, Matthew’s collaborators include ecologists, social anthropologists, members of UK Parliament, and Nobel Laureates in peace, medicine, physics, and chemistry. Matthew works closely with the UN, World Bank, central banks, finance ministries, and businesses to highlight nature-related financial risks. In 2021, he founded Wealth Fair Economics, Limited, offering boutique economics consultancy services in the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. He is a sought-after public speaker and regular media contributor (BBC, Bloomberg, Channel 4 News, FT, Guardian, NYTimes, Reuters, and The Times).

Sessions Featuring: Prof. Matthew Agarwala

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