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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Prof. Marc Buckley

ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation

Marc wrote the UN SDG Manifesto and is working with the UNFCCC on the next set of goals that come after the SDGs. Marc takes a systems view of life and addresses all facets of complex systems in order to solve our global grand challenges. As a longtime student of Ecological Economics, Regenerative Futurism, and Systems Science, Marc has been involved in Climate and Environmentalism for a long time and would love to show you how to run faster than climate change by being an impactful and exponential human being. One of the first to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Speaker, he has made getting through the Climate Crisis towards Regenerative Desirable Futures his life‘s work. Marc is a member of the WEF Impact Circle: AI, Seafood, Agriculture, Food, and Beverage Expert Network, Global Food Systems Reformist, Regenerative Futurist for the World Government Summit Future of Governance and New Realities Design Lab, Founder of Berlin School Sustainable Futures, Board member of The Generative Future’s Initiative, Founding Faculty Futur/io Institute, member of Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Regenerative Futurist Advisor TrendOne, member of The Good Future Project, and UNFCCC Innovation Hub, to name only several of his accomplishments.

Sessions Featuring:

Prof. Marc Buckley

Inspirational Dialogue

What Does the Future Hold for Us on Planet Earth?