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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November
Prateeksha Singh


Prateeksha Singh


Prateeksha Singh is a multidisciplinary practitioner whose practice sits at the confluence of design research + foresight + systems. She is driven to working with diverse voices and harnessing inclusive and plural images of the future, and her work in the past has focused on issues of gender, youth, (in)equity, and nature. She is an independent innovation consultant with UNDP globally. Her role is to support the building of institutional innovation capabilities within UNDP offices and external partners. These capabilities range from foresight, to reflecting on cohesion of current portfolios, systems change theory, and public policy innovation. She is also often working on other independent projects as well. Prateeksha holds a M.Des in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University in Toronto, and is 2019 Next Generation Foresight Practitioner global award recipient for her work on equity based plural futures.

Sessions Featuring:

Prateeksha Singh

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