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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Nourhan Badr El Din

UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellow

Nourhan Badr El-Din is multipotentialite-young futurist, currently, she is a senior youth foresight fellow within UNICEF Innocenti – Youth Engagement and Strategy Department, she served as representative of MENA Region during 2022 UNICEF fellowship where she contributed to “our future pledge” youth foresight playbook.
As youth fellow, she facilitated the inclusion of youth voices within the unicef global outlook reports, Additionally, Nourhan is supporting foresight capacity building by working with a new cohort of fellows and foresight experts to establish and promote foresight projects within UNICEF national offices.
She has worked within the UNDP accelerator labs, to address frontier development challenges of Energy and Agriculture in Egypt and as part of the global team of “Future of Green Transition” project in Uzbekistan.
With over five years of experience in business’ world, Nourhan has gained expertise in various areas such as marketing, hr, and software business analysis. Beyond the business world, she is also a journalist, former cross-cultural dialogue facilitator, leadership and peace building advocate with global initiatives.

Sessions Featuring:

Nourhan Badr El Din

Empowering Generations

Think of the Grandchildren:
How Can Strategic Foresight and Intergenerational Fairness Work Together for Better Policy-making?