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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Jolene Lum


As one of the founding members of Nurasa, Jolene is currently Head of Business Development and works closely with food businesses in accelerating the commercialisation and adoption of sustainable foods in Asia. Jolene is your go-to for collaborations with Nurasa, on how to leverage Nurasa’s Food Technology Innovation Centre (FTIC), and on how your food business can benefit from Nurasa’s end-to-end solutions for scale-up manufacturing and go-to-market support. Prior to joining Nurasa, Jolene was a Venture Builder in the Agri-Food Tech ecosystem and was Founder & CEO of Urban Tiller, where she pondered how hyper local supply chains could make farming in the city viable for farmers and consumers alike. She also co-built and helped to run an insect farming enterprise in Singapore for sustainable animal feeds and helped to put together one of Asia’s first mycelium alternative protein start-ups. She is keen to envision a future of sustainable self-sufficiency and supply chains with new business model innovation in agriculture and food for future cities.

Sessions Featuring:

Jolene Lum

Regenerating Nature

From Eating to Nourishing:
Are We Ready for Billions?