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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Dr. Jerome Glenn

The Millennium Project

Jerome Glenn, co-founder and CEO of The Millennium Project is currently conducting an international study of global governance requirements for AGI. He is the lead author of 19 State of the Future report since 1997, co-editor of Futures Research Methodologies 1.0-3.0, author of Future Mind: Artificial Intelligence in 1989. He invented the Futures Wheel and concepts such as conscious-technology, transInstitutions, tele-nations, management by understanding, self-actualization economy, feminine brain drain, and definitions of environmental security and collective intelligence. He is a member of the IEEE SA organization governance of AI working group, sent his first email in 1973 and helped get x.25 packet switching (reason Internet is so low cost) in 29 developing countries in the 1980s.

Sessions Featuring:

Dr. Jerome Glenn

Foresight Insights

Artificial General intelligence: How Can We Regulate it for the Good of Humanity?