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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November
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Geraldine Wessing


Geraldine advises Shell’s senior decision-makers on (geo-)political trends and risk. She leads, builds and develops country and global scenarios in support of Shell’s strategic interests as well as in collaboration with external stakeholders including academics, private sector actors and government departments. Geraldine is also Shell’s foremost scenarios practitioner. An expert in methodologies and philosophies of the scenario ‘mindset’, she leads on embedding scenarios in the organization, not least through capability building. Shell’s in-house mandatory Scenario planning trainings are immersive and aim to reframe how colleagues in Group Strategy and Corporate Relations respond to and deal with uncertainty. Having spent half her career (20 years) in Shell in multiple Corporate Affairs departments, the past decade has been dedicated to futures planning and politics within the Scenarios team. She studied History at Leiden University before completing her master’s degree at King’s College London in International Relations.

Sessions Featuring:

Geraldine Wessing

Regenerating Nature

Energy Boundaries:
What Powers Our Future?