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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Ella Saltmarshe

Long Time Project

Ella Saltmarshe is a global expert in the field of long-termism, hosting the multi-award-winning Long Time Academy Podcast. She is the director of the Long Time Project, where she works with governments, business, scientists, economists and artists to cultivate stewardship at scale. The last year has seen Ella winning the Visionary Leadership award at the International Women’s Podcast awards, receive a Rising Star nomination in the British Podcast awards, win the gold ARIA for Best Independent podcast from the Radio Academy and best Sustainability podcast at the Audio Production Awards. Trained as an anthropologist, Ella worked internationally in places like India, Afghanistan and Latin America, which opened her eyes to the impact climate change was having over 15 years ago. Tackling it has been a driver of her work ever since. Her burning question is how, as a species, we can create long, flourishing futures for all inhabitants of earth.

Sessions Featuring:

Ella Saltmarshe

Regenerating Nature

Journeying beyond Net Zero:
What Happens Next?

Empowering Generations

The Future Today:
What Does Good Futures Look Like Now?