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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Dr. Sanjay Vijendran

European Space Agency

Dr. Sanjay Vijendran is currently the European Space Agency’s Lead for SOLARIS, which is a new R&D initiative to mature the feasibility of the concept of Space-based Solar Power, for providing clean energy to Earth from space for mitigating the climate crisis and to prepare future decisions in Europe on a full development programme. Previously, Dr. Vijendran has served for more than a decade at ESA, planning and implementing the studies and technology development activities that prepare for future European robotic missions to Mars. He was instrumental in establishing in 2019 the international partnership between ESA and NASA on the multi-mission Mars Sample Return programme which is aiming to robotically return samples from Mars to Earth for the first time in the next decade. He holds a PhD in Semiconductor Physics from the University of Cambridge and has published widely on semiconductor devices and Mars exploration missions and technology.

Sessions Featuring:

Dr. Sanjay Vijendran

Regenerating Nature

Out of This World:
Why Does Space Hold so Much Potential for Energy?