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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November
Dr. Eruera Tarena


Dr. Eruera Tarena

Tokona te Raki: Maori Future Makers

Eruera is Executive Director for Tokona te Raki: Māori Futures Makers, an indigenous social innovation lab housed under the authority of Ngāi Tahu (a Māori tribe of New Zealand’s South Island). Our passion is to achieve equity for all Māori in the Ngāi Tahu region, and beyond. Tokona te Raki look to the wisdom of our tūpuna to create new iwi-led approaches to future making. We are unweaving broken systems and imagining new horizons, driving systemic change, and empowering our rangatahi to enable long-term transformation. We are creating a world where all Māori are inspired by their futures, confident in their culture, prosperous in their careers, and succeeding as Māori.

Sessions Featuring:

Dr. Eruera Tarena

Regenerating Nature

From Hindsight to Foresight:
How Can We Tap into Indigenous Wisdom to Prepare for the Future?