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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Dionysia Angeliki Lyra

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture

Dr. Dionysia Lyra works as a Halophyte Agronomist at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) since 2013. She is specialized in the Research and Development of sustainable and nutrition-dense halophytic farming systems well-adapted in desert environments, targeting to enhance the food and nutrition security in these marginal regions, utilizing marginal water and land resources such as the reject brine from desalination and sandy soils. Dr. Lyra has also been working on combining halophytes with fish culture developing circular modular farming systems, integrating a diversified spectrum of cost-effective, simply to use, productive and profitable farming modules. Dr. Lyra has worked with private sector food companies creating healthy halophyte-based food products. She has worked with eminent national and international organizations implementing projects in UAE, Morocco, Egypt and currently in Uzbekistan. She is a strong advocate of halophytes and loves working in multidisciplinary projects, since she believes efficient teams and inspiraitonal leaders is the way to tackle the major challenges and crises that the human kind is facing. Her vision is to develop, through effective collaborations, nutritious food products originating from halophytic crops that could be cultivated in integrated farming systems tailormade to the needs of each marginal region, utilizing low-quality water and land resources with the target to foster the livelihoods of the local farming communities.

Sessions Featuring:

Dionysia Angeliki Lyra

Regenerating Nature

Seeding the Future:
What’s in Your Eco-vault?