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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November
David Alabo


David Alabo

Visual artist

David Alabo, a Ghanaian-Moroccan multidisciplinary artist, explores displacement, solitude, and introspection through an Afro-surrealist lens. His work utilizes computer programming, digital sculpting, and interactive installations, creating a fantastical yet familiar aesthetic. He has collaborated with global brands like Apple, HBO, Adobe, and Meta, and his art has been featured in renowned media outlets like CNN, Dazed, and Good Morning America, while being exhibited at premier shows such as ArtX Lagos and Art Dubai. Alabo, an advocate for African futurism, has presented lectures at the Solve conference by MIT, emphasizing its importance in addressing complex societal challenges. His unique blend of African futurism and surrealism nurtures innovative artistic expression, promotes critical thinking, new perspectives, and possesses the power to inspire.

Sessions Featuring:

David Alabo

Empowering Generations

Decolonizing Futures:
What Perspectives Can AfroFuturism Offer for a New Techno-sci-art Consciousness?