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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Catarina Tully

School of International Futures

Cat Zuzarte Tully leads the School of International Futures (SOIF), a not-for-profit international collective of practitioners who use futures thinking to inspire change at the local, national and global levels. SOIF has worked with organisations like the UN, Omidyar, NATO, the Royal Society and national governments to make the world fairer for current and future generations. SOIF also supports a growing network of Next Generation Foresight Practitioners. Previously, Cat served as Strategy Project Director at the UK Foreign Office and Policy Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. She is a non-resident fellow at the US Government Accountability Office’s Center for Strategic Foresight and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy. 

Sessions Featuring:

Catarina Tully

Empowering Generations

UN Summit of the Future:
What Does a Meaningful Outcome Look Like?