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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Akash Das


Akash Das is a futures researcher, holistic designer, educator and foresight strategist with over a decade of multidisciplinary experience. He specializes in horizon scanning and cross-connecting socio-cultural signals to potential innovation opportunities; and applying futures thinking models towards decoding ‘wicked problems’, using scenario planning & speculative futuring to generate beyond-human-centered possibilities of equitable change. Akash is the co-founder and futures strategy director of MeWeStudioX – which aims to deliver holistic, planetpositive solutions at the intersections of systems, futures and design thinking. His work involves decoding emergent paradigms through strategic foresight & design futures – to gain innovative, critical, and implicationscentered human-driven insights. Through his work in design, futures and education he helps organisations, collectives and individuals be future-ready and be stewards of equitable change. He’s worked with The Future Laboratory, Deloitte, Protein Agency, RADAR DAO, MTM, SPACE10, SOON Future Studies, TrendVision – The Futurist, Fashion Revolution, Aditya Birla – and more.

Sessions Featuring:

Akash Das

Transcending Collaboration

Human in the Loop: How Can We Foster Ethical Algorithmic Decision-making Processes?