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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Adib Dada

theOtherDada Regenerative Consultancy & Architecture Practice

Adib Dada is an award-winning environmental activist and architect. In 2010, Adib founded theOtherDada [tOD] Regenerative Consultancy & Architecture practice, with a mission to activate projects across architecture, living systems, and art. Based on Biomimicry thinking, tOD’s work promotes a symbiotic relationship between nature and the built environment by exploring new ways of creating generous and regenerative habitats for humans and other organisms; in essence working with nature to develop resilient and generous cities. Firmly committed to the UN Decade of Action, Adib is engaged in rewilding the city and reclaiming public space by planting native Miyawaki forests in urban landfills through his new initiative: theOtherForest, a nature-based tool for ecological and social regeneration. Adib and his team have planted over 11 forests across Lebanon, reclaiming more than 3,700 square meters of degraded land by planting them with over 10,500 trees and shrubs of 28 different native species. Adib’s story has been produced into Growing Back Beirut, a short documentary about his environmental advocacy and forestmaking work.

Sessions Featuring:

Adib Dada

Regenerating Nature

Reloading the Map:
What will Nature and Tech Ultimately Do for City Planning?