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Sahar Al Mashjari

Saudi Arabia

Sahar Al Mashjari’s days pass by at an incredible speed and she finds herself in a continuous race against time.

The many hours she spends in her work are not sufficient, as if God wants to compensate for her idle years of notable achievements and realised goals. 

At her desk, Sahar creates the future she wants and chases her dreams.

She remembers herself three years ago. Despite having a university degree in computer science, she had always felt a great fear of going into work despite her passion for the discipline and her academic success in it.

Over years of hesitation, she didn’t know what she was lacking. Today, she has found the answer.

At 29 years old, Sahar came from the mountains in Yemen to live in KSA. She didn’t need anything but a supporting hand to drive her forward and to open a door for her, after which she could follow the path and reach the top.

Sitting at the desk in the corner of her room, as she does every day, Sahar was reading some articles and browsing social media when her attention was drawn to a tweet by HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He was announcing an initiative for Arab youth.

Two words of the tweet are fixed in her mind: “million” and “coder”.

Out of admiration for His Highness and his proactive vision, and because it related to the world of coding, Sahar searched to find out more about the initiative.

At first, she didn’t intend to register but then she discovered there was an entire community behind the initiative, including trainers and students.

This community adopts, supports and exchanges experiences for free. This world attracted and grabbed her attention –she wanted to belong to this world.

She registered in the first course and eventually completed three more courses in less than three months. Her desk, where she spends many long nights was covered in papers.

In addition to adding new certificates and skills to her resume, she found something in the initiative she wasn’t expecting.

Sahar was introduced to a community of people just like her, who share goals and aspirations and who helped her find the answers she was searching for. It was what she needed to start her career.

She became more passionate with the idea of remote working. She was inspired by the stories she heard on a daily basis and got to know her friends.

After joining, Sahar became famous in the KSA. She is known as the passionate and successful coder who is a resource for everyone who wants to develop a website or mobile application. Her work is detailed and she constantly follows up with her hundreds of customers who are in various cities around the world.