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Rania Mohamed Bin Othman


The story of Rania Othman proves that success is by no means connected to one’s age. Dreams require us to believe in them before opportunities can be revealed.

In a family whose photos show people in white doctor’s coats, Rania, since age 16, decided to pursue
a different mission.

Since her childhood, she was influenced by Steve Jobs, attracted by the world of numbers and codes and chose to tell the language that unites the whole world: coding.

Rania’s family members know fully well about her future plans. Her passion leaves them no room for doubt.

One day, after returning from school, she found her mother waiting for her outside with news.

“Don’t you want to learn coding? Well, you won’t have to wait until college. Today, I saw a report about an initiative called the One Million Arab Coders, as if it was designed specifically for you”.

Those simple words were enough to start Rania on her path, though she didn’t need any extra motivation to start her coding career.

In record time, Rania finished four courses on the platform: Android Application; Website Design, Web Development and Data Analysis.

In less than a year, Rania Othman’s name has become familiar in the field of coding in Libya. At just 17, she has become a talented master in her field, able to be involved in conversations with other coders in her city.

Rania’s notebooks and computer files include persistence and success stories, which started with passionate eyes.

She completed their chapters by developing many local and Arab websites for which she receives many praise and gratitude. Despite the many chapters that colour Rania’s story, her determination confirms that the real success story has not yet begun!