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Saeed Awad


How does one begin telling the success story of Saeed Awad? Saeed’s mind is full of ideas and he really doesn’t know where to start. Perhaps with the success of the Taminni (Keep me informed) application?

Many titles compete for his success story including when he won the first hackathon he ever competed in. “It was so new to me and I was overwhelmed with happiness when we won, I had never experienced it before”.

Success had a different taste when he won $50,000 in the digital invention competition with the One Million Arab Coders initiative.

“I had developed the idea and submitted it to the digital invention competition. I was very happy to receive a prize from the initiative that has helped me discover my real capabilities”.

More happy news was in store for Saeed when his Taminni application was adopted by a governmental organization.

The application tracks movement of children in school buses via a smart bracelet on their wrists, allowing parents to monitor their movements through a mobile application. 

Saeed didn’t expect his CV to see this kind of transformation. “I didn’t expect it but perhaps that’s because I hadn’t tried before!”

He worked in IT for more than 15 years, as he has always wanted to be a leader in making applications and programs instead of just maintaining them or working on them. “I was waiting for any opportunity to help me take this step and One Million Arab Coders was the real stage for my dreams. When I look at the reality I created for myself, I know that dreams are here to be fulfilled!”