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Mustapha Al-Sheikh


Between the project he founded in the field of financial technology and his freelance work as a trainer and coder on the very same One Million Arab Coders platform, 25-year-old Mustapha tries to find a few minutes of free time for himself.

In his first year of university studying engineering, the subject of coding drew Mustapha’s attention so he decided to pursue it to support his specialization. He had always heard that coding is the passport to jobs, projects and dreams.

His career in coding started after watching an advertisement for One Million Arab Coders on Facebook, particularly for the course on Data Analysis.

He never expected the courses to be so in-depth or to get an accredited certificate for free and to be able to study at the time that suited him. Mustapha embraced a lifetime opportunity.

His career has included a number of broad titles over and above his university degree.

Mustapha chose to share his experiences and extend his knowledge to students of the initiative, where he was promoted to become a trainer for the course on Data Analysis and also got the opportunity to train on the global platform “Udacity”, along with writing online articles.

From the search and academic side to the practical side, Mustapha is currently focusing on his own fintech app, GitHub.

This application works on one hand to study the stock market and direct customers to the best options based on their financial capabilities. On the other hand, it aims to monitor and study the market, emerging companies and stock price fluctuations. Mustapha places great importance on his own professional projects. At the same time, he insists on continuing training, because he genuinely knows the importance of extending a hand to those who are just starting out. He is determined to never let down anyone who needs his help.