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Mohamed Sobhy Abdelmageed


Mohamed defines success as being unique for every person, shaped and moulded by one’s life experiences. It is neither the money he collects, nor the jobs he gets, nor the degrees he hangs on the wall. Success in this life, for him, is “giving up man’s selfishness and making use of everything God has granted to bring light and hope to other people’s lives”.

In his city, region and country, thousands of poor and deprived need help. Between families with children and elderly who need help, and between the kind and willing givers with the means and willingness to aid them, Mohamed built a bridge with his application Saed El Gheir (Help Another) connecting need with kindness without a middleman.

Coming from the field of information technology, he knew very well that the best way to fulfil his passion to help others is through coding and tech. It is the field that breaks down barriers, brings people together, provides transparency and clarity at every touchpoint and can synthesise all intentions with a few words and needs barely an introduction.

Mohamed tried to build his application with the help of other coders, but felt that no one would be able to translate his ideas and aspirations with the same passion as he could. After Mohamed completed the course on Android application development in the One Million Arab Coders initiative, he began to develop his application.

He studied all the tricks and advantages he needed during the practical lessons and wrote them down in a notebook he named “I will help others”.  His goal and path were clear.

Mohamed has achieved many goals through his application, including feeding his soul, which asked him to do good and help provide clothes for those who face the bitter cold of winter.

He achieved his goal of winning the digital invention prize from One Million Arab Coders initiative, valued at $50,000, and intended to use this prize to develop another application to help more people. He says: “Instead of praying to God to bless them with good, I decided to bring them the good they need!