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Fatima Mohammed Jomaa


“The calmness, the long silence and the loneliness were not necessarily in my character. I was simply not happy”.

Fatima Mohammed Jomaa doesn’t try to gloss over or avoid the facts of her experiences because that would prevent her from moving forward.

While browsing the application “” which bears her name, Fatima returns to a memory from a year and a half ago. In a soft voice mixed with laughter she says: “By God Almighty, I was born again”.

Although she graduated with a degree in business administration and found a job in her field of her study, she used to fight a thousand battles every morning just to open her eyes. The problem was not with the job, but in the field of study as a whole. Whenever Fatima heard a voice in her head calling for change, she thought she was being selfish.

She was the only breadwinner in the family and her need to earn a living could not withstand a reckless adventure. Fatima grabs a tissue from a plastic box before continuing to tell her story. She knows very well that she cannot hold back her tears when she tells us about follow-up lessons, support of trainers, and her graduation from four courses with excellence. Her eyes confirm what she says: “I loved life again”.

In the field of coding, she found herself, her passion and her deferred dreams. The application of “Sadaqa. net” was a way to give back to the world that supported her. It is an application that relies on aerial maps and coordinates to report humanitarian cases and displaced animals and to communicate them to the right authorities and volunteers. Dozens of cases change for the better everyday thanks to “”.